1. 51cae20 Add new i18n languages and update existent ones by avm99963 · 3 years, 6 months ago
  2. 04b572c Fixed mistake in english translations by avm99963 · 8 years ago v0.8.1
  3. 4a2a5d5 Added new languages and moved extension files to folder src by avm99963 · 8 years ago[Renamed from _locales/en/messages.json]
  4. a2296fe Fixed minor bug with notifications and added notification for v0.7 by Adrià · 10 years ago v0.7.2.2
  5. f0e9059 Added i18n to the options page (bug #1) and fixed bugs with dialogs by Adrià · 10 years ago v0.7.1
  6. 3a50343 Added russian translation by Alexander Simkin, LICENSE file and minor changes by Adrià · 10 years ago v0.6.2
  7. bf3ff68 First commit by Adrià · 10 years ago v0.6.1.1