Add infrastructure

Add several tools to help with the extension development:

- Add .editorconfig file to set formatting options for the code editors.
- Add generateManifest.bash to generate the manifest.json file
  dynamically, from a template at templates/manifest.gjson. The
  manifest.gjson file can have lines defining what parts of the manifest
  are added for each target browser.
- Add release.bash to generate the extension ZIP files.
- Add Makefile to serve as a wrapper for the release.bash script.
- Add tagRelease.bash to help tag versions in Git accordingly.
- Add docs to explain all this new infrastructure (will need to be
  updated in the future with more details).

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  1. docs/
  2. src/
  3. templates/
  4. .editorconfig
  5. .gitignore
  6. generateManifest.bash
  7. isolangs.json
  9. Makefile
  11. release.bash
  12. tagRelease.bash


The source code of the Chrome "Translate Selected Text" extension.

Do you want to help to translate this extension's UI?

If you want to help bring this extension into your native language, you can, and I wold really appreciate it! Just go to the following website and start translating :)


Special thanks

Special thanks to:

  • All the users who use the extension every day and who trust the model of developing simple extensions which do not request any privacy-breaking permissions.
  • Alexander Simkin for the Russian translation.
  • BrowserStack for allowing me to use their awesome services in order to test the extension in multiple versions of Chrome and in different operating systems.

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