Updating i18n files from Crowdin

Change-Id: I53309b7bdb74262b6950ec0470c2efa92f89e8b8
diff --git a/src/_locales/de/messages.json b/src/_locales/de/messages.json
index 5404591..dacdd2f 100644
--- a/src/_locales/de/messages.json
+++ b/src/_locales/de/messages.json
@@ -77,6 +77,10 @@
 		"message": "Mitwirkende",
 		"description": "Message for the link to the credits dialog, and also the title for the credits dialog, which shows a list of open source projects used inside the extension and a list of translators/contributors."
+	"options_credits_createdby": {
+		"message": "Erweiterung erstellt von: <a href=\"https://www.avm99963.com/\" target=\"_blank\">@avm99963</a> (Adrià Vilanova Martínez)",
+		"description": "Text shown in the credits dialog, which shows that the extension was created by Adrià Vilanova Martínez (and their username is avm99963)."
+	},
 	"options_credits_homepage": {
 		"message": "Startseite",
 		"description": "Text shown for links to go to each homepage of open source projects in the credits. NOTE: put in in lowercase letters"
@@ -85,6 +89,14 @@
 		"message": "von",
 		"description": "Fragment of the author statement in an item of the credits. NOTE: put in in lowercase letters. EXAMPLE: '{{options_credits_by}} Adrià Vilanova Martínez'"
+	"options_credits_translations": {
+		"message": "Übersetzungen",
+		"description": "Header for the section in the credits dialog which recognizes translators."
+	},
+	"options_credits_translations_paragraph": {
+		"message": "Ich möchte mich ganz besonders bei den folgenden Mitwirkenden bedanken, die die Benutzeroberfläche der Erweiterung selbstlos in viele Sprachen übersetzt haben:",
+		"description": "Paragraph in the 'Translations' section of the credits dialog, which recognizes translators. Following this paragraph there's a list with all the translators' names (if you've translated a string in Crowdin, you'll automatically be added to the list in the following extension update)."
+	},
 	"options_ok": {
 		"message": "OK",
 		"description": "OK button in informative dialogs, which is used to close them (no action is done when pressing these buttons)"