Remove old upgrade notifications

When updating to v0.6 and v0.7, a notification showed up to explain the
changes. These versions are very old and these notifications are not
expected to be shown again, so this change removes those notifications
and the corresponding strings from messages.json.

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The source code of the Chrome "Translate Selected Text" extension.

Do you want to help to translate this extension's UI?

If you want to help bring this extension into your native language, you can, and I would really appreciate it! Just go to the following website and start translating :)



Please, report any bugs or feature sugestions at GitHub:

Beta version

As this extension has so many users, I've decided to upload a Beta version of the extension to the Chrome Web Store so I can test it before uploading any update to the stable version! This way I can make sure that the stable version of the extension is 100% bug-free.

If you want to test the bleeding edge of this extension before everybody else, join the Google Group and download the extension (there may be bugs, you've been warned):

Special thanks

Special thanks to:

  • All the users who use the extension every day and who trust the model of developing simple extensions which do not request any privacy-breaking permissions.
  • All the users who have contributed translations. You rock!
  • BrowserStack for allowing me to use their awesome services in order to test the extension in multiple versions of Chrome and in different operating systems.

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