Add new isoLangs and change isoLangs generation

- Add new isoLangs to src/js/common.js.
- Generated isoLangs now only have the first nativeName entry defined in
  tools/langs/isoLangs.json (for instance, instead of "euskara, euskera"
  now the generated nativeName only includes "euskara").
- In the options page, the languages in the select element when adding a
  new language are ordered by language name. This change was needed
  because now the generated isoLangs variable is ordered by key and not
  by name.

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The source code of the Chrome "Translate Selected Text" extension.

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If you want to help bring this extension into your native language, you can, and I would really appreciate it! Just go to the following website and start translating :)


Special thanks

Special thanks to:

  • All the users who use the extension every day and who trust the model of developing simple extensions which do not request any privacy-breaking permissions.
  • Alexander Simkin for the Russian translation.
  • BrowserStack for allowing me to use their awesome services in order to test the extension in multiple versions of Chrome and in different operating systems.

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