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Schedule viewer for the Barcelona subway.


  1. Clone this repository (usually in Apache's publicly accessible folder).
  2. Install PHP 7.2+ with the ZipArchive and PDO classes (specifically install the PDO_SQLITE driver)
  3. Copy the config.default.php file to config.php and fill in the details (you can get an API key directly from TMB here.
  • In $conf["databaseFile"] enter the absolute path of the location where you want to save your database (including the file name). If the website is located in the /var/www/html/schedules/ folder, you can create a new files folder there and set the variable to /var/www/html/schedules/files/gtfs.sqlite3.


  • As I've been able to see when using this app around Barcelona, the schedules provided by TMB are a very vague approximation of the departure times for all lines except for the automated lines. In the case of the automated lines, the timing is precise within a second.