Canary: don't fail build on PKG_INVALID_VERSION_NUMBER error

This error is returned when the same version that is published is trying
to be uploaded, and thus shouldn't be treated as an actual failure. In
the future, we should try to avoid uploading the same version which is
uploaded, and even prevent the build from happening at all.

Bug: twpowertools:20
Change-Id: I949fb2cd9432e8c5d5e74a86a5e1852e1781c3c5
diff --git a/roles/cws-publish/tasks/main.yaml b/roles/cws-publish/tasks/main.yaml
index 7f37726..a22f531 100644
--- a/roles/cws-publish/tasks/main.yaml
+++ b/roles/cws-publish/tasks/main.yaml
@@ -42,4 +42,4 @@
   no_log: True
   register: uploadcmd
-    - not (uploadcmd.rc == 0 or ('ITEM_NOT_UPDATABLE' in uploadcmd.stdout))
+    - "not (uploadcmd.rc == 0 or ('ITEM_NOT_UPDATABLE' in uploadcmd.stdout) or ('PKG_INVALID_VERSION_NUMBER') in uploadcmd.stdout)"