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+I will be more than happy to help you :)
 You can get a list of open issues which are recommended for first-time
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 # Add a new feature
-TODO(Issue #28): write this doc
+All the features are hidden behind a switch, so users can turn them on or off as
+desired. This doc explains how to add this feature switch option to the options
+page, and some guidance on where should the feature be developed.
+## Add an option
+Each feature has a boolean option "linked" to it, which determines whether the
+feature will be enabled or not.
+### How to add the feature switch option
+1. First of all, think of a short codename for the feature.
+2. Modify the `//src/common/common.js` file by adding the default value for the
+option in the `defaultOptions` object.
+    - All features should have the `false` value set as a default, so existing
+    users have to explicitly enable the option after they receive the extension
+    update. Otherwise, it might cause confusion, because users wouldn't know if
+    the feature was added by the extension or Google.
+3. Now, modify the `//src/options/options.html` file by appending the following
+HTML code in the corresponding section:
+    ```
+    <div class="option"><input type="checkbox" id="{{codename}}"> <label for="{{codename}}" data-i18n="{{codename}}"></label> <span class="experimental-label" data-i18n="experimental_label"></span></div>
+    ```
+    where you should substitute `{{codename}}` with the codename you've chosen.
+The _experimental_ label is optional and should only be used with features which
+are unreliable (or could be at some point in the future) due to their nature.
+4. Finally, add the option string at `//src/_locales/en/manifest.json`, by
+adding the string under the `options_{{codename}}` key.
+### How to add additional options for the feature
+Apart from the feature switch option, additional options can be defined in order
+to further customize the behavior of a feature.
+This is not usually the case, and it is preferred that the number of options is
+kept to a minimum so the extension is as simple as possible. In any case, this
+section explains how to add them in case they are needed.
+*** promo
+As a source of inspiration, take a look at the Community Console dark mode
+feature: apart from the feature switch option (`ccdarktheme`) it has 2
+additional options associated with it:
+- The `ccdarktheme_mode` option can be configured in the options page with a
+selector, and determines whether the dark/light themes are set according to the
+OS's dark mode setting, or whether the user is the one in charge of switching
+between them by clicking a button/switch in the Community Console.
+    - Note that this option is only applied when the feature switch is turned
+    on.
+- The `ccdarktheme_switch_enabled` option is used to save whether the user
+manually enabled the dark theme or not by using the switch/button in the
+Community Console.
+    - It is only applied when `ccdarktheme_mode` is set to `switch` and the
+    feature is enabled.
+These are the steps which you should generally follow when adding additional
+1. Think of a codename for the additional option. It should be the feature
+codename appended by an underscore and a suffix
+2. Modify the `//src/common/common.js` file by doing the following things:
+    1. Add a default value for the option in the `defaultOptions` object.
+    2. Append the option's codename to the `specialOptions` object. This is so
+    the option can be handled in a specific way when showing/saving it in the
+    options page, or so it is handled outside of the options page.
+3. If you want to handle the option from the options page, follow these steps:
+    1. Modify the `//src/options/options.html` file to add the appropriate code
+    which implements the option (usually in the same `.option` div as the
+    feature switch).
+        - Don't include text, only the HTML structure. If you add a `data-i18n`
+        attribute to an HTML element, its contents will be replaced with the
+        corresponding i18n string (for instance,
+        `<span data-i18n="test"></span>` will be rendered as
+        `<span data-i18n="test">Test</span>` if `Test` was the string defined
+        with the key `options_test`).
+    2. Modify the `//src/options/options.js` file to add the following things:
+        1. In the switch statement inside the save function, add a case to
+        handle saving your additional option.
+        2. In the switch statement inside the load event listener, add another
+        case so your option is correctly set in the options page with the saved
+        value.
+    3. Add the corresponding i18n strings at `//src/_locales/en/manifest.json`.
+4. If you want to handle the option outside of the options page, include an
+empty case in both switches at `//src/options/options.js`, so the option is not
+handled there.
+## Develop the feature
+TODO(issue #32): Write this section.