Change release cycle docs to reflect current process

Now we no longer publish release discussions because it is very

Also, I've added links to access the CWS dashboard directly.

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 upload the Chromium beta and Gecko stable packages and mark the release as a
 pre-release if there is no intention of promoting this release to stable in the
-5. Mark the option **Create a discussion for this release** and select category
-6. Click **Publish release**.
-7. Click **Join release discussion**.
-8. Add something like this to the beginning of the discussion:
-``` md
-# Version 1.9.3
-## Status
-- **Beta channel:** pending review. It will probably take some hours to be reviewed and automatically
-- **Stable channel:** it will be available by the end of the week.
 ## Submitting to the Chrome Web Store
 1. [Upload both release files](
 to the Chrome Web Store, one for each release channel.
+   You can use the following links: [[stable]](http://go/twpt-cwsd-stable),
+   [[beta]](http://go/twpt-cwsd-beta) (internal-only).
 2. [Submit both releases](
 to be reviewed by the Chrome Web Store team, but in the case of the stable
 channel uncheck the "Publish automatically after it has passed review" option.