Partially revert "Add workflow menu button to thread lists"

This reverts commit 1e10d199a6171f88da129505977bf6ae69c2c362.

Reason for revert: we'll use Lit instead of Vue.js.

The following parts have not been reverted:

- The inject_workflows_menubtn string in the
  src/static/_locales/en/messages.json file, since it will be used again
  in the future, and this might cause the string translations to be
  deleted from Pontoon.
- A minor CSS fix for the padding of .TWPT-btn--with-badge in

Bug: twpowertools:115
Change-Id: I099e06d9964b2a5fb4e43baeef1a8fe07fe52043
12 files changed
tree: cf0619d42744adc62d13b6643fabfc7fdfbed3cf
  1. .github/
  2. cws/
  3. docs/
  4. playbooks/
  5. roles/
  6. src/
  7. templates/
  8. tools/
  9. .clang-format
  10. .editorconfig
  11. .gitignore
  12. .gitreview
  13. .zuul.yaml
  14. i18n-config.toml
  16. Makefile
  17. OWNERS
  18. package-lock.json
  19. package.json
  21. tagRelease.bash
  22. webpack.config.js

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