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The TW Power Tools extension offers the following features/options:

Infinite scroll

Thread lists

Option name: Enable infinite scrolling in thread lists.

Enables infinite scroll in thread lists in TW. This feature has already been added to the Community Console by Google.

Inside threads

Option names: Automatically load batches of messages inside threads when scrolling down, Automatically load all messages at once inside threads when scrolling down.

Enables infinite scroll inside threads, both in TW and the Community Console. Both options are mutually exclusive, and depending on which one you choose, the feature will behave differently:

  • Load batches of messages: when scrolling to the bottom, some more messages will be loaded. If you scroll to the bottom again, more messages will be loaded, and so on.
  • Load all messages at once: when scrolling to the bottom, all the remaining messages will be loaded at once.

Additional enhancements

Community Console toolbar

Option name: Fix the toolbar in thread lists in the Community Console.

Fixes the toolbar of thread lists in the Community Console so it doesn't disappear when scrolling down.

GIF showing the feature

Redirect to the Community Console

Option name: Redirect all threads opened in TW to the Community Console.

This feature is useful if you want the threads you open from the email notification link directly in the Community Console.

Profile history

Option name: Show a "previous posts" link in user profiles.

Both in TW and the Community Console, show 2 links in user profiles, which link to the list of threads that the user has created/replied to in the current forum, and in all the forums.

Image showing the links

Draft messages

Option name: Activate the enableLoadingDraftMessages Community Console flag.

Enables a Community Console flag which, when opening the reply dialog in a thread in the Community Console, if a draft message was saved in the Google servers, it is loaded in the editor.

Draft messages are saved regularly into Google Servers even if the flag is not enabled, so this flag can help you recover your work from a crash, for example.

Contrast between read/unread threads

Option name: Increase contrast between read and unread threads in the Community Console.

In thread lists in the Community Console, the backgrounds for read and unread threads are very similar. This option increases this contrast.

Sticky drawer headers

Option name: Make the headers in the Community Console sidebar stick at the top.

GIF showing the feature

Dark mode

Option name: Enable the dark theme in the Community Console.

This setting lets you load a custom-built dark theme for the Community Console. In the options page there is a selector which lets you choose how the dark theme gets enabled:

  • Switch in the Community Console: a button appears at the top of the Community Console, which lets you switch between the light and dark themes.
  • OS dark mode settings: when you enable the OS wide dark mode setting (not available in all Operating Systems), the dark theme is enabled in the Community Console. Note that after you change the OS setting, you should reload the Community Console in order to load the corresponding theme.

Hide the Community Console drawer

Option name: Always hide the drawer (left column) in the Community Console.

When opening the Community Console, the sidebar which shows the forums, filters, etc. will be hidden/closed by default. Useful if your screen is small.

Drag and drop links to the text editor (Chrome-only)

Option name: Allow to drag and drop links to the Community Console text editor while preserving the text.

In Chrome, when drag and dropping bookmarks or Omnibox links to the Community Console rich text editor, the bookmark/link title gets replaced by the URL. This option reverses this so the text gets preserved.

Demo of the feature

Batch lock

Option name: Add the option to lock multiple threads from the Community Console thread list.