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// This file defines the sections of the options page, in which section each
// option appears in, whether the "experimental" label should appear next to the
// option label, and whether each option should use custom HTML.
sections: [
name: 'featuredoptions',
options: [
{codename: 'list'},
{codename: 'thread'},
{codename: 'threadall'},
{codename: 'ccdarktheme'},
{codename: 'threadlistavatars'},
{codename: 'history'},
{codename: 'batchlock'},
{codename: 'autorefreshlist'},
// #!if ['chromium', 'chromium_mv3'].includes(browser_target)
{codename: 'blockdrafts'},
// #!endif
name: null,
options: [
{codename: 'profileindicator'},
{codename: 'profileindicatoralt'},
footerHTML: '<div class="option"><a id="profileIndicatorMoreInfo" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener" data-i18n="profileindicator_moreinfo"></a></div>',
name: 'minorenhancements',
options: [
{codename: 'fixedtoolbar'},
{codename: 'redirect'},
{codename: 'loaddrafts', experimental: true},
{codename: 'increasecontrast'},
{codename: 'stickysidebarheaders'},
{codename: 'ccforcehidedrawer'},
{codename: 'ccdragndropfix', customHTML: '<div id="dragndrop-wrapper" class="option" hidden><input type="checkbox" id="ccdragndropfix"> <label for="ccdragndropfix" data-i18n="ccdragndropfix"></label></div>'},
{codename: 'enhancedannouncementsdot'},
{codename: 'repositionexpandthread', experimental: true},
{codename: 'imagemaxheight'},