Contributing to TW Power Tools

If you're here, thanks for your interest in contributing! There are many ways you can contribute, and you don't need any technical background for most of them, so don't feel shy! Any help, even if small, is very much appreciated.

Make feature requests and report issues

If you have some fresh ideas or insight into how to make the extension better, or you've found a bug (sorry!), you can create a new issue at the Monorail Issue Tracker:

Old issues are still hosted in GitHub, while new ones are hosted in Monorail. You can view the old ones here:

If you're reporting a bug, please consider specifying your browser and version, and maybe the Javascript console logs (open the Javascript console by pressing [ Ctrl ][ Shift ][ J ]) for the page where the issue occurred.

Contribute translations

If you speak a language other than English, you can help translate the UI to your language! Just go to the following website and select your language to start translating:

Beta test the extension

Releasing an update to the stable channel isn't always an easy task, because bugs might make its way. As new release candidates are tested in the beta channel before being promoted to the stable channel, this gives us a last chance to catch any bugs before the release. This is why it's essential that some people volunteer to beta test the extension.

While using the beta version comes with the risk of coming across bugs, those are usually minor, and you have the opportunity of using newer features before everyone else!

Note: It isn't recommended to install two versions of the extension at the same time, as you might end up with duplicate injected components or weird results.

You can install the beta channel here:

Canary channel

If you're brave and want to try the latest of the latest, each night a new version is automatically uploaded to the Chrome Web Store with the latest changes which have been uploaded to the codebase. Be warned that it might not work correctly!

To be able to install the Canary channel, you have to join the Google Group first (feel free to send a request to join!).

This channel is special because it is the only one where experiments (features which are currently under development and not yet ready to launch) are available. To see a list of experiments and enable them, go to the options page and click the flask icon button.

Contribute code changes

If you're a developer and you'd like to contribute code changes, please feel free to do so!

You can get started by reading the following docs:

TODO(avm99963): add a link to webext's manifest.gjson documentation when it is created.

If you need any help, mentoring or anything else, send me an email at me [at] or create a thread in the Google group. I will be more than happy to help you :)

You can get a list of open issues which are recommended for first-time contributors here:

These issues will let you get familiar with the codebase and are not too difficult to implement.

You can also assign yourself any of the open issues which haven't been assigned:

For your information, the following doc contains a description of the release cycle for this extension, and how it is performed by its maintainers: