Fix profile indicator when OP has special chars

When an OP has "&" in their username, this character will be transformed
into "&" in the escaped username instead of remaining invariant.
This change fixes this.

A fix was released for the same bug in the "previous posts" feature (see
Github issue #17), but we didn't notice that the same bug was present in
the "profile indicator" feature.

Change-Id: I06c7a8406d7f5d59d9404dca448a61fba7840b04
diff --git a/src/injections/profileIndicator.js b/src/injections/profileIndicator.js
index b0c1170..3b07089 100644
--- a/src/injections/profileIndicator.js
+++ b/src/injections/profileIndicator.js
@@ -166,8 +166,8 @@
 // Handle the profile indicator dot
 function handleIndicators(sourceNode, isCC, options) {
   var escapedUsername = escapeUsername(
-      (isCC ? sourceNode.querySelector('.name-text').innerHTML :
-              sourceNode.querySelector('span').innerHTML));
+      (isCC ? sourceNode.querySelector('.name-text').textContent :
+              sourceNode.querySelector('span').textContent));
   if (isCC) {
     var threadLink = document.location.href;