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Kill Switch

The "Kill Switch" is a system which allows the extension maintainer and some authorized people to remotely disable a specific feature which is misbehaving to everyone.

This folder contains the code that the extension uses to interact with the Kill Swtich server to determine whether a feature should be disabled or not.


The kill switch mechanism works as follows:

  1. There's a dashboard available at There, some authorized users can set some features to be disabled for everyone, according to some criteria (it might be specified that only some versions of the extension or some browsers are affected by this).
  2. When a feature is set from the dashboard as force disabled (what we call "enable a kill switch"), an entry is added to the server's database.
  3. Every 30 minutes, the extension queries the server behind the dashboard, to retrieve a list of force disabled features from the database.
  4. The extension processes this list, and if any of the features in the list apply to the extension according to the linked criteria, it force disables those. If, on the contrary, a feature which was force disabled is no longer force disabled, the previous status is restored.