Delete <if> build flags in chrome_style.css

Those build flags were in the file because chrome_styles.css is a copy
of the file taken from the Chromium codebase.

In a Chrome build, grit is responsible for including the contents inside
the <if>...</if> tags or not depending on the build flags, but in our
case we don't preprocess those tags, and that led to an incorrect CSS

Change-Id: If90a8ad470e1f524296122cc27803f20c0b4c87e
diff --git a/src/options/chrome_style/chrome_style.css b/src/options/chrome_style/chrome_style.css
index 367b9ee..4d3c91b 100644
--- a/src/options/chrome_style/chrome_style.css
+++ b/src/options/chrome_style/chrome_style.css
@@ -104,12 +104,6 @@
 select {
   min-height: 2em;
   min-width: 4em;
-<if expr="is_win">
-  /* The following platform-specific rule is necessary to get adjacent
-   * buttons, text inputs, and so forth to align on their borders while also
-   * aligning on the text's baselines. */
-  padding-bottom: 1px;
@@ -168,10 +162,6 @@
   min-height: 2em;
   padding: 3px;
   outline: none;
-<if expr="is_win or is_macosx or is_ios">
-  /* For better alignment between adjacent buttons and inputs. */
-  padding-bottom: 4px;
 input[type='search'] {