Chrome extension which implements several enhancements in the Google Forums

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TW Power Tools

Available in the Chrome Web Store

An extension which brings several enhancements to the Google Forums and the Community Console.

For a list of features/enhancements, check out the feature list doc.

Information for contributors

This extension is being actively developed, and everyone is welcome to make feature requests, report issues and contribute code changes.

In order to make feature requests or report issues, please do so at the Monorail Issue Tracker:

To see a more exhaustive guide on how to contribute, and information on how to contribute code changes, please read the following doc:

Beta channel

Before releasing updates to the stable channel, the newest versions are uploaded to the beta channel so they can be tested by everyone who's interested. This is another way to contribute to the project, because beta testing can make us notice bugs before they reach the stable channel.

The beta channel for Chrome is available here.