Further increases IA14 axis range

Lleida's plot exits the graph again.

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This is the code for https://covid-19.sandbox.avm99963.com, which contains graphs which determine the level of risk of each Catalan health area due to the COVID-19, based on the work of the BIOCOMSC group at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

DISCLAIMER: The data shown in the website might be wrong due to a wrong implementation.


This software is meant to be used with Apache2 in order to serve a static website including the latest Covid-19 data.

To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repo in a web directory by running git clone "https://gerrit.avm99963.com/covid19".
  2. Set up a cron script which sets the working directory to covid19/cron and runs the bash generate.bash command every day early in the morning.
    Note: For this, you can run crontab -e and place the following line at the end of the document: 0 2 * * * (cd /path/to/covid19/cron/ && bash generate.bash)

Each day, the generate.bash script will generate the graphs at the covid19/output folder.

You can manually call the bash generate.bash command anytime from the covid19/cron directory in order to manually generate the graphs.

Description of the different files

This is what each file does:

  • index.html: a web accessible document which includes a disclaimer text, a key for the graphs, and the generated graphs themselves.
  • cron folder: a non-web accessible folder which contains programs which ultimately generate the graphs.
  • cron/generate.bash: a Bash script which orchestrates all the other programs in the folder in order to generate the graphs.
  • cron/generateData.php: a PHP script which extracts the Covid-19 data from the Generalitat de Catalunya's API and analyzes that data to generate the ρ7 and IA14 values needed by cron/generateGraphs.gnu.
  • cron/generateGraphs.gnu: a gnuplot script which generates the graphs with the data which has been provided by the cron/generateData.php. It uses the helper script cron/plot.gnu.
  • output folder: a folder created by the generate.bash script where the generated graphs are saved.