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This is the code for, which contains graphs which determine the level of risk of each Catalan health area due to the COVID-19, based on the work of the BIOCOMSC group at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

It can also be used to generate risk graphs for custom areas by defining these areas in the config/customAreas.php file.

DISCLAIMER: The data shown in the website might be wrong due to a wrong implementation.


Only *NIX machines (essentially a PC with a Linux distro or a Mac) are supported. These programs should be installed in order to be able to generate the graphs:

  • PHP (at least version 7)
  • gnuplot (at least version 5.2)

Optionally, if you want to serve the graphs publicly, you also need Apache2 or another web server.


This software is meant to be used with Apache2 in order to serve a static website including the latest Covid-19 data.

To install it, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repo in a web directory by running git clone "".
  2. Set up a cron script which sets the working directory to covid19/cron and runs the bash generate.bash command every day early in the morning.
    Note: For this, you can run crontab -e and place the following line at the end of the document: 0 2 * * * (cd /path/to/covid19/cron/ && bash generate.bash)
  3. (Only if you're publishing the graphs with a web server) If Apache2 doesn't have the AllowOverride All directive set, or you're using another web server, make sure the cron folder and its contents are not accessible from the Internet by denying access to it.

Each day, the generate.bash script will generate the graphs at the covid19/output folder.

You can manually call the bash generate.bash command anytime from the covid19/cron directory in order to manually generate the graphs.

Description of the different files

This is what each file does:

  • index.html: a web accessible document which includes a disclaimer text, a key for the graphs, and the generated graphs themselves.
  • cron folder: a non-web accessible folder which contains programs which ultimately generate the graphs.
  • cron/generate.bash: a Bash script which orchestrates all the other programs in the folder in order to generate the graphs.
  • cron/generateData.php: a PHP script which extracts the Covid-19 data from the Generalitat de Catalunya's API and analyzes that data to generate the ρ7 and IA14 values needed by cron/generateGraphs.gnu to generate the graphs for each health area.
  • cron/generateGraphs.gnu: a gnuplot script which generates the graphs with the data which has been provided by the cron/generateData.php. It uses the helper script cron/plot.gnu.
  • cron/generateCustomData.php: a PHP script analogous to cron/generateData.php which generates the data for custom areas defined in config/customAreas.php.
  • cron/generateCustomGraph.gnu: a PHP script analogous to cron/generateGraphs.gnu which generates the graph of a custom area using the data provided by the previous script.
  • config/config.php: a file where general settings can be set.
  • config/customAreas.php: a file where the custom areas can be defined.
  • output folder: a folder created by the generate.bash script where the generated graphs are saved.